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15 November 2022

Welcome to the regular Update. This quarter we held the AGM with the turnout returning to more normal figures after the Covid-influenced attendance last year. As a bonus we had two Councillors and our MP present to answer questions.

Woking�s Town Centre Masterplan

The Consultation on the Masterplan is now closed; the Neighbourhood Forum submitted one short comment.

Development on Egley Road

We are now waiting for this major planning application to be determined. At the beginning of the month there was a well-argued objection submitted making the case that housing mix and density, site layout and design, and noise would not comply with the Woking Development Plan.

Development on Sutton Green Golf Course

It seems unlikely that there would be any need for yet another care home in South Woking in the foreseeable future and thus the case for this development is probably weak. In any case it seems unlikely that WBC would pass this application as the land is in the green belt and not allocated for development.

Impact of the country�s financial position on planning applications

Recently there has been some slight reduction in the number of planning applications. With an increase in mortgage rates and a reduction in the amounts that lenders are willing to lend you would expect the number of actual developments to reduce even if applications aren�t affected significantly.

5G Telecoms Towers

Woking Borough Council have recently rejected yet another application for a tower elsewhere in Woking (Clifton Way). It really does seem that the professionals who submit these applications on behalf of the telephone companies have not read the relevant planning policies. Another application has been made (PLAN/2022/0996) for a tower south of Woking on the A320 adjacent to Sutton Green Garden Centre which may be more successful.

Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)

We have been carrying out a running consultation on what residents would like to spend CIL on. The current list of suggestions reads like this:

1 Improve footpaths: Mile Path where it is not road. The section north of the junction with Pine Road, and the stretch across the Golf Course. These should be made good for all weathers to encourage walking in the area. There is an unmarked footpath leading from Fernhill Lane down to the Fernhill Close/Blackbridge Road junction which could be upgraded to enable better access. The three footpaths between Hook Hill Lane/Fishers Hill and Saunders Lane � these have steep rutted sections and muddy patches in winter. The footpath round the Golf Club carpark

2 Improve cycle safety � not sure how, but worth exploring.

3 Make location(s) for car share/club in locality to help reduce the need for second and third cars (Enterprise run in Woking).

4 Charging point for electric cars to be used by visitors to area.

5 Tidy up the Hook Heath Avenue/Holly Bank Road junction; perhaps put some shrubs in a planter.

6 Putting in some attractive low to medium height hardy shrubs/alpines/drought tolerant species would provide year-round interest and generate wildlife habitat

7 More flashing speed signs, especially at the end of Hook Heath Road near Saunders Lane on the uphill side, and on Blackbridge Road

8 More bins, sited on walking routes away from the shops, especially near the bench at the junction of Holly Bank Road and Mile Path

9 20mph speed limit on Wych Hill

10 Pedestrian crossing between the Co-op and the bus-stop by the garage Pedestrian crossing across Hook Heath Avenue opposite Mile Path/College Lane

11 Repair the worst potholes on Holly Bank Road

12 Place a bench, bins and security lighting on Fernhill Lane and Blackbridge Road; the junction of Blackbridge Road and Wych Hill Rise was specifically mentioned

13 Extend footpath along Hook Heath Road

14 Install a defibrillator in Hook Heath (if there isn�t one already)

15 Clear blocked drains - appoint a drain clearing company and/or road sweeping company a couple of times a year to target specific locations where flooding occurs due to blocked drains. Not all of these require CIL funding and not all of them are likely to find majority support. Our current view of what we should prioritise is:

1. See if we can get SCC to put a flashing 30mph sign on Hook Heath Road

2. See whether WBC are prepared to install a bin at the junction of Holly Bank Road and Mile Path

3. Investigate defibrillators further

4. Engage with SCC to improve footpaths and investigate pedestrian crossings using CIL funds We�re still interested in hearing what other residents think.

Local Planning Applications in the Hook Heath Neighbourhood Area

Eight applications reported in the last Update have been approved by the Council.

PLAN/2021/1057 Erection of a single storey rear extension at Agnes House, Pond Road.

PLAN/2022/0258 Erection of a detached house at High View, 1 Derrydown.

PLAN/2022/0423 Erection of single storey side and rear extension and alterations to fenestration at Links Cottage, Golf Club Road.

PLAN/2022/0437 Erection of a replacement dwelling and a home office following demolition of the existing house and the existing detached garage at Little Shepley, Sun Hill, Hook Heath.

PLAN/2022/0455 Demolition of all existing structures and erection of one new two storey dwelling plus basement level and the provision of a new vehicular access onto Hook Hill Lane at Hook Hill Farm, Hook Hill Lane.

PLAN/2022/0510 Erection of 2No. detached, two-storey houses with rooms in the roofspace, with attached double garage to 1No. house, and associated landscaping following demolition of existing dwelling at Firlands, Holly Bank Road.

PLAN/2022/0639 Erection of detached outbuilding with first floor accommodation following the demolition of existing garage at Hook Hill Cottage, Sun Hill.

PLAN/2022/0697 Erection of a single storey rear extension to form annexe following removal of existing conservatory at Logie, Cedar Road. Quevrue, Holly Bank Road The new owners of Quevrue have written to neighbours to advise them that they propose replacing the house with up to nine flats in a three-storey building. A planning application has not been submitted. Four applications reported in the last Update remain undecided.

PLAN/2021/1041 Proposed subdivision of the existing plot and erection of a detached two storey building at Haere Mai, Mile Path. Although still on the system this has effectively been allowed to lapse as the house has apparently been sold and a new application has been submitted and approved (see PLAN/2022/0810 below).

PLAN/2022/0456 Roof extensions forming gable to the front and 2 x gables to the rear with dormer between to facilitate the conversion of roof space to habitable accommodation, 1 x front roof light and alterations to fenestration to facilitate the conversion of the existing garage to habitable accommodation and detached double garage to the front of the site at Cedarwood, Hook Heath Road. This proposal in the green belt relies on very special circumstances in that the submission has less impact on the green belt than what could be built under permitted developments.

PLAN/2022/0609 Erection of three sets of gates and supporting pillars and timber post and rail fence across the frontage (retrospective) at Mounts Ryde, Golf Club Road. Mounts Ryde has been extensively enlarged and as part of that the owner has installed gates and a fence without planning permission. This is an attempt to obtain that permission. There are two main issues. The building line of the new fence and gates is situated in front of the boundaries of other houses, changing the street view. Woking Golf Club have stated that the owners have built the fence and gates on golf club land which the applicants have claimed as their own. The precise position of a boundary is not normally a planning issue but the golf club could take legal steps if planning permission is granted. In addition, this is a high flood risk area and the planning officer could ask for a flood control plan.

PLAN/2022/0657 Erection of single storey extensions to the front, side and rear elevations and roof extension to increase ridge height including insertion of front dormer windows and rear and front rooflights to facilitate additional accommodation within the roofspace at Eastwood, Hook Heath Road. Another application which argues that the proposed development is less harmful to the green belt than the already approved expansions together with a permitted development. Two planning applications have been refused since the last Update

PLAN/2021/1209 Section 73 application to vary Condition 04 (use of store/workshop) of planning permission ref: PLAN/2004/0072 dated 25.03.2004 (To extend onto existing garage and insert new roof to form a store/workshop following demolition of existing store room) to enable the store/workshop to be used as kitchen/living room for guests at Keighley Lodge, Pond Road.

PLAN/2022/0626 Submission of Reserved Matters (Appearance, Landscaping, Layout and Scale) pursuant to outline permission ref: PLAN/2020/0159 (Outline planning application for the demolition of the existing bungalow and the erection of 2x two-storey three-bedroom dwellings with double garages using existing accesses from Cedar Road with the access arrangements to be determined at the outline stage) at Red Lodge, Cedar Road. The new proposal has the orientation of the new dwellings changed and the planning officer thought that this would result in a cramped and contrived form of development. Four planning applications have been submitted and approved since the last Update.

PLAN/2022/0704 Section 73 application to vary Condition 2 (Approved Plans) of permission ref: PLAN/2021/1076 (Erection of a part two storey, part single storey front extension with balconies over single storey elements, two storey rear extension and car port and single storey side extension (amended description)) to allow alterations to footprint, fenestration and materials at Little Dene, Mount Road.

PLAN/2022/0771 Erection of rear outbuilding following removal of existing at The Beeches, St. Catherines.

PLAN/2022/0810 Erection of single storey front and rear extensions, erection of 3no rear dormer windows, conversion of existing garage into habitable accommodation, detached garage and entrance gates at Haere Mai, Mile Path.

PLAN/2022/0858 Erection of a single storey side extension following demolition of existing extension, two front dormers, 2 rear dormers, 2 roof lights to rear, roof alterations to existing single storey element and demolition of chimneys at High Trees House, Holly Bank Road. There are six new planning applications which are currently undecided.

PLAN/2022/0707 Proposed widening of existing pedestrian entrance gates and piers to provide vehicular access and erection of new entrance gates (retrospective) at Little Dene, Mount Road.

PLAN/2022/0793 Erection of a two-storey side extension and single storey rear extensions and new vehicular crossover following demolition of an existing detached garage - amendment to PLAN/2019/0756 with revised rear elevation and single storey extension at Turaco House, Hook Heath Avenue.

PLAN/2022/0982 Erection of a two-storey side extension and front and rear dormer at White Hall, Hook Heath Road.

PLAN/2022/0983 Erection of a two storey, part first floor, part single storey rear extension and first floor side extension. Proposed partial conversion of garage into habitable room and 1No side rooflight at Blantyre, Hook Heath Avenue.

PLAN/2022/0984 Erection of a single storey side and rear extension at Roebucks, Holly Bank Road.

PLAN/2022/1024 Proposed part single/part two storey side extension and single storey front extension at Updown House, Hook Heath Road. This appears to be a renewal of the 2019 application. Certificates of Proposed Lawful Development. Two new applications have been approved.

PLAN/2022/0578 Certificate of Proposed Lawful Development for a detached outbuilding (amended description) at Goldhaven, 5 White Pillars, Holly Bank Road.

PLAN/2022/0652 Certificate of Proposed Lawful Development for the erection of a rear dormer and 1no side rooflight at 20, Allen House Park. One enforcement notice ENF/2021/00056 At their September meeting, the Planning Committee decided to issue an enforcement notice against Gorse Hill for their refusal to remove two storage containers from the site. This follows the rejection of their application for a Certificate of Proposed Lawful Development (PLAN/2022/0057) for the storage containers reported in Update 49.

Many thanks for your interest and support
Sincerely, Mike Cooke,
Chairman On behalf of the Hook Heath Neighbourhood Forum Management Committee

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