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Item date 9 November 2018

High speed internet advances

Fiber being fitted to a cabinet
Fibre being fitted to a cabinet
The inside the cabinet
Inside a fibre roadside cabinet

For a long time the fibre based internet speed available for the Gorse Hill end of Hook Heath Road has been very slow ~ 14Mbs. Now that nearby phone lines have been connected to a nearer roadside cabinet with fibre the available speed has jumped to over 30Mbs






Item date 16 October 2018

Woodbank purchased by Birchgrov

Gorse Hill Hotel the entrance grows1
Woodbank fencing
Gorse Hill Hotel the entrance grows1
Woodbank fencing

Birchgrove, the retirement property company has purchased the Woodbank site. The company plans to retain the approved plan with the addition of balconies. The apartments will be available to rent with the anticipated age of residents being over 80. There will no longer be a restaurant, but residents will be able to purchase ‘packages’ for cooking, cleaning and laundry. Work is due to start November 2018.






Item date 15 October 2018

A new conference centre is bening built for Gorse Hill Hotel

Gorse Hill Hotel the entrance grows1
A new conference centre emerges
Gorse Hill Hotel the entrance grows1
Work on the new entrance

In February 2018 a new entrance to the Gorse Hill Hotel site was opened up. Currently it is for use by contractors building a new conference centre but will eventually become the main entrance for all aspects of the hotel.

The date for the opening of the new conference centre is April 2019.






Item date 14 September 2018

Annual General Meetings (AGMs) of both the HHRA and the HHNF

were held jointly at the Woking Golf Club, Pond Road on Monday 8th October 2018 at 7.30pm.

The Agenda was:

  1. Welcome, introductory remarks and apologies for absence.
  2. Reports by the Chairmen of the HHRA and the HHNF.
  3. HHRA Treasurer’s Report and Adoption of the 2017 Accounts. (The Annual Report and Accounts for 2017 were included in the 2018 Newsletter and distributed in April 2018.)
  4. Election of HHRA Committee members*.
  5. Green Belt Review.
  6. Woking Borough Council and Surrey County Council Matters.
  7. Open Forum - Members will have the opportunity to raise any issues that concern them.
  8. Closing remarks.




Item date 18 August 2018

Woking Council project to support Swifts

Swifts are amazing birds which visit our country in order to breed. Their numbers have been decreasing at an unhealthy rate. Woking coucil would like residents to report if they see one and put up nest boxes ready for when they return in the Spring.

Click here to read an article provided by Woking Council.




Item date 14 August 2018

The Co-op store in Wych Hill was broken into in the early hours of 14th August.

Questionnaire icon
In the morning

Questionnaire icon The following day

It was reported that an excavator was used at around 1.30am Tuesday morning 14th August to smash the front of the Wych Hill Co-op store. We believe the ATM machine just inside was stolen. On the left is a picture taken later that morning showing the area cordened off and police present. On the right is a picture showing the store back in operaton the following day.




Item date 12 April 2018

Fibre for fast internet access is spreading

Questionnaire icon Questionnaire icon

Further fibre optic cable has been layed along Hook Heath Road and the technicians are connecting it up. No date for the switch on is available yet.




Item date 21 March 2018

Public meeting with the police

This was a general meeting that was open to all residents. There was discussion of issues of concern. Two police officers were present as well as two councillors. There was much discussion, mainly centered around the activities of groups of teenagers and traffic speeding.

The meeting was at 7.30pm on 21 March 2018 in St John's Memorial Hall.




Item date 12 February 2018

New entrance for Gorse Hill Hotel

Gorse Hill Hotel the entrance grows1
The entrance gets larger

Work has started moving the current entrance to Gorse Hill Hotel to further down the hill in a safer position. At the same time a new conference centre is to be built. Both are expected to be completed some time next year.






Item date 20 August 2018 and 14 December 2017

Attempted breakin

We were out between 3-5pm. When we got back we found the front door and rear patio door showed signs of attempts to open. Limited damage. We suspect someone tried to reach through front door letter box and then went to rear. They may have woken lazy dogs who would have barked and deterred further attempts to get in.

4 Masked Burglars active

A Note from a burglary victim in Hook Heath.
I am writing to advise you that we were burgled on Thursday 14th December and thought you may want to publish this to the HHRA members as soon as possible. These were particularly determined individuals and professional in their approach, not chance opportunists or bored children. Our neighbours who live at xxxxx were the original target but failed having been disturbed by the owners. The neighbours had security cameras installed and this picked them up quite vividly; 4 men sporting balaclavas and gloves and tools to break glass as they did with ours without effort. They were in their demeanour unbelievably brazen and even once disturbed stayed put to ensure that this was really a resident returning and not a delivery vehicle.

To cut a long story short they aborted at xxxx and proceeded within ten minutes to our property. If you have ever experienced this you will know it is an extremely intrusive traumatic experience, leaving us jumpy in our own homes, which should be a safe haven. We have now had cameras fitted and are looking at other deterrents.

Note added by webmaster after talking to both victims. All this is alarming enough but even more so is the brazen preparadness of this gang of 4. The room they broke into was occupied by a lively good sized dog which must have presented a ferrocious barrier. However they were prepared for this. They broke the lower pane of French doors and slipped in something laced with drugs to incapacitat the dog. They must have had to wait some time before the dog collapsed and they could proceed.




Item date 4 August 2017

Upset over tree felling beside railway

There is a general publication re work that needs to take place on rail embankments that can be seen by clicking the link here: Seeing the wood in the trees

Adding to the above we have specific information as follows: The vegetation clearance in this area is limited to a 330 yard long stretch of railway cutting slope on the South side of the railway only.

Affected line-side residents should have received a letter notifying them of the proposed work.

WBC's tree officer has been consulted by Network Rail about the vegetation management plans.

Work was completed during October 2017.




Item date 6 May 2015

Brookwood cemetery's protected trees set to be felled

The following is from a BBC news item which can be viewed at

More than 200 trees, subject to preservation orders, are to be felled in a Surrey cemetery after they were declared unsafe.

A survey at Brookwood cemetery found 241 trees in the 232 acre (94 hectare) site were diseased, dead or damaged. Of these, 205 will need to be felled after many became infected with a fungus which decays roots, leaving them vulnerable to high winds.

Permission has been sought by Woking Borough Council to remove the trees.

The council said it was consulting the planning authority and had notified Heritage England about the plans to take down the trees, all of which are covered by preservation orders. The council said: "All felled trees will be replaced in due course." The felling work is due to start on Monday and be completed by August, a council spokesman said.




Speed checks in Hook Heath

How can you help reduce speeding in Hook Heath?

Speed checks in Hook Heath
Speed checks in Hook Heath

You can volunteer! Yes - you will be given training and can then join a small friendly local group to help 'do your bit' in keeping Hook Heath safer and thereby improve our environment. The training, visibility jacket and equipment is provided at no cost to the volunteers. Volunteers can choose their time and place from the rota and also avoid bad weather.

The Community Speed Watch is locally driven with active members of the community, supported by the police and local authority to monitor traffic speeds. The scheme allows great flexibility in when and where to monitor. Your input will be greatly appreciated by the local community that is currently concerned at the degree of speeding through Hook Heath.




Item date 10 April 2014

Green Belt review

The green fields between us and Saunders Lane are under threat!
The fields either side of Hook Hill Lane may be dense housing!
The fields between us and Egley Road may go to housing!

At a meeting of the Hook Heath Neighbourhood Forum on 10 April 2014 the topic of the possible loss of 'Green Belt' status for the land beside Saunders Lane and beside Hook Hill Lane was raised. It was made very clear by the two councillors present that there was no possibility of any green belt land being released from Green Belt status until after 2022. After that date the Green Belt would be protected where possible but if the Coucil, at that stage, could not achieve a rate of building of 292 houses per year then under that condition sections of the Green Belt 'South of Woking' would have to be released. The identity of the areas to which this corresponded was not specifically stated but many assumed that it was beside Saunders Lane. The councillors were optimistic about achieving the required rate of house building without the need to remove land from the Green Belt.

The review of the Green Belt was being undertaken by consultants hired for the purpose. It would seem that a problem is that the government keeps introducing new interpretations and as a result the review is having to be modified each time. It was announced that the review would be released during 'Summer 2014'. There would then be a period of consultation before any decisions were taken.

Areas that will be considered close to Hook Heath

Click here to take a look at a document entitled SHLAA 2011 appendix 4 - sites not currently deliverable or developable
Download the file and search for 454 to see the area beside Egley Road by the garden centre. Take a particular look at pages 466 and 468 covering the escarpment within Hook Heath in an area along Saunders Lane.







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