Events and activities

Speed check in Hook Heath

Plenty of local places to visit and great activities to join

Neighbourhood Forum

HHRA neighbourhood plan

Our Neighbourhood Forum see the latest news and updates

Why we live in Hook Heath

Questionnaire icon

See what attracted residents to the area and to Hook Heath in particular. We also see their likes and dislikes.

Infrastructure money

Funds from infrastructure levy

Funds are available. See the first set of projects put forward for funding.

Hook Heath in days gone by

Old picture of golf on Hook Heath

Local resident Mike Cooke has found fascinating postcards of Hook Heath which seem to date back to the early 1900s.

Crime watch

HHRA neighbourhood plan

See latest report. Dial 999 if you see any suspicious behaviour.

Help reduce speeding!

Speed check in Hook Heath

More residents are needed to help to check speeding in our area. Do your bit to help us all, volunteer!

Aerial photos of Hook Heath

A helicopter hovers over Hook Heath

A local resident hired a helicopter to bring you views of Hook Heath. See the tree studded landscape he captured.



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